A hotel inspired by Nature...

Hidden Hotel welcomes you into its secret world… A world that is both contemporary and deliciously secluded, tucked behind its solid wooden doors where you will find a subtle combination of natural and sustainable materials. Stone, wood, linen, leather and slate come together in a twist of immaculate presentation that only blends better with time. These materials create an environment designed to blend with time and where the focus is on immaculate presentation, in both the guest rooms and the communal areas.

A friendly, attentive welcome without too much fuss… this is the approach our staff have developed and what we aim to provide.

We want to share Paris’s “Hidden” secrets with you and introduce you to peaceful sanctuaries, tucked-away bars and surprising restaurants you really must visit.

This charming hideaway has 35 rooms, all of them unique and designed with relaxation in mind. The delicious extravagance of its amenities and design makes this 4-star hotel a unique location where luxury combines with comfort to make your stay here an unforgettable experience.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of Paris life at Hidden Hotel, a hotel inspired by Nature!